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Rafaella Ferrari is a very sexy Tgirl from Brazil with a gorgeous body and a nice cock. She has tasty lips and a big old Brazilian booty that she loves to have screwed hard. She doesn’t have the huge shecock as many Brazilians do but it is nice and thick and hard!  She has a hot long, lean body, and unlike a lot of girls who have “either / or”, Rafaela Ferrari has some beautifully long, lean legs to match her body.

Brazil just keeps on pumping out the hard cock transsexuals down there and. Maybe I should go there on holiday and see for myself why all the best Shemales are from Brazil.

Start date:
Alias: Rafaela Ferrari
Birthday: 7 April 1991
Ethnicity: Latina
Heritage: Brazilian
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos: A tattoo on her right forearm that says “Silvia”; a star tattoo on her left shoulder; a ribbon tattoo on her right calf; a playboy bunny tattoo on the bottom; a phoenix tattoo on the back
Piercings: Navel; next to nose on right side

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  • hellmuth KaelinH 25 / 11 / 2021

    Gotta compliment you – You are one of the most beautiful transgender – Where can i buy your films. Thank you for your reply in advance – your admirer H. Kaelin

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