Hot brunette tgirl Korra Del Rio woke up this morning wondering what she should wear for her date today.  Maybe she should wear her skimpy little black dress? Or a “girl next door” skirt and shirt combo? Then again, her date was going to come over to watch a movie and well, that means that she doesn’t have to get dressed up to be seen in public, does she?

So, Korra Del Rio decides instead on a sexy little black lace bodysuit number that shows off her pert little tits and all of her extra bits.  Looking at herself in the mirror, Korra rubs her hands all over her body, feeling how the lace hugs her skin.  She could feel the curves of her hips, the firmness of her tight little ass, the strength of her legs, all under that black lace bodysuit.  Perfect! Now all she needs is her date to come!

Now, put yourself in her date’s shoes for a moment.  Can you imagine coming to the door and having your dream girl standing before you in a black lace bodysuit that doesn’t leave a whole lot to imagination? Can you imagine your long, thick cock getting hard as your eyes roam over her body, traveling from her eyes to her chest and down to her soft but hardening dick? Can you imagine the twitching of your own cock as you momentarily restrain yourself, but not being able to get that shit eating grin off your face?

That is Korra Del Rio’s date.  He comes in the door and she slowly starts stripping out of that black lace bodysuit.  She slowly pulls it over her firm, athletic arms.  Then she peels it off her tiny little breasts.  Down her smooth stomach until it’s just hugging her hips and ass.  Then teasingly she slips it down over her soft but firm thighs and then it’s off and she’s standing before you in all her glory, while you’re still dressed.

That’s when she comes over and starts taking your clothes off so she can sink to her knees and wrap her moist, waiting lips around your big, long, and very hard cock.  She gets you all worked up in a frenzy until you can’t take it anymore.  You get her on her back and have her hold her knees tight while you lube up her waiting ass.  Then you plunge your giant dick right into her waiting hole….

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