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Here we have TS Lucia, a lithe, slender blue-eyed blonde transsexual porn star who sports a set of perky breasts, possesses a tight waist and a set of curvy hips worth dying for.  With freckles in her face she has a very unique look.

TS Lucia was aware of her feminine side at a very young age, admiring women on TV at the age of 4, dreaming of one day becoming just like them. Starting at the age of 6, up until 19, she dated and was sexually active with almost exclusively girls. About a year after her hormone replacement therapy (HRT), something clicked and since then she has changed is now leaning towards guys, but actually prefers other TGirls. Her preferred sexual habits are submissive; she’d rather get it from behind then use her own parts.

Her perfect slender body comes from a combination of healthy eating and rather extensive workout routine. TS Lucia believes that if you find healthy food you like, it’s not hard to keep on a diet.

Currently TS Lucia is part of the Shemale.Porn site, go there to find more of her!

Start date: 2009
Alias: Lucia Matthews, Lucia Miel
Birthday: 7 april
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Heritage: American
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Piercings: Belly Button

Shoe size: 

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