It seems whenever we look at the news, yet another transsexual person is attempting to cross the boundaries of acceptance.  This is a good thing, because without these brave trans women and trans men, transgender rights will go at a snails pace when it needs to go like a formula 1 race car.

This brings us to Colombia, of all places, where 38 year old Alondra Metaute has decided to run for Mayor of a sleepy little town.  Alondra got bit by the political bug because of her father.  His ideas and visions lead her to her dream of governing her sleepy little village and she went on to become the first trans woman to receive lessons from the equal opportunity group, Politics for Women.

She’s a candidate of the left-wing Alternative Democratic Pole party and her strategy has been to discuss with voters everything that’s wrong with the other traditional parties of Colombia.  Along with her ideals, she’s proposed a new hospital along with new policies to help the tolerance level of the LGBT community.

Of course, the traditional parties can’t stand having to run against a strong transgendered woman, so they’re asking people, “How can you vote for a faggot?” While I’m certain that their jabs have to cut a little, Alondra’s reaction is priceless.  Her retort is, “I’m telling these people that this faggot has more balls than they do.”

Right on Alondra!

Now, this is the type of news about trans women we like passing on.  Unlike some people who were just lucky enough to marry into a family that would later be the reality TV obsession of America, this is a brave and courageous trans woman who is doing her up most to create change in this world.