If you’re looking at TGirlDirectory, it’s obvious that you’re a TGirl fan.  However, did you know that buying custom videos is a thing? How about TGirl Custom Videos?

Well, I’m pleased to tell you that it IS indeed a thing and you can go to Customs4U, sign up for 100% FREE and then order your own personal TGirl Custom Video straight from one of the lovely ladies using Customs4U!  You can think up all sorts of fantasies and filth that these girls would be more than happy to participate in.  That’s what’s so cool about the Customs4U platform! The girls have a whole menu of items you can choose from so you can really customize your video so you get something you want, straight from your head!

Who can you find there right now?

They’re working on getting more TGirls on board, so you’ll have PLENTY of TGirl Custom Video options to choose from.  Additionally, at Customs4U, you can buy video clips from some of the ladies and here in a few weeks they’ll be launching a live cam option.

TGirlDirectory has it under very good authority that Liberty Harkness is very excited about the live cam option and will be using it as she does regularly cam.  So that’s an exciting development!

So please go and support these lovely TGirls and buy their TGirl Custom Videos and clips at Customs4U!