Have you ever gone geo caching?

If you have then you know what’s all about.

If you haven’t, well, let me educate you!

Geo cachers head out in to the wilderness or a city and look for hidden treasure. A lot of time is spent looking at your phone trying to figure where to go, but when that spark of genius hits you and you figure it out, it sure is worth it.

Most of the time geo caches consists of a little plastic box with something inside it, but imagine this: Shemale geo caching!

You get some tgirl coordinates on your phone, you set out, you get a fair bit of exercise and when you arrive at the goal you are rewarded with, in this case, none other than Tiffany Starr!

And this transsexual hottie is waiting for you in a pink dress with a raging hard on and spreading her legs, just begging for you to ram your cock in to her tight ass!

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