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Meet TS RedVex, also called Red or Vex by friends, a hot long blonde from Poland with all the traits and requirements of a true shemale Porn Star. At the young age of 12 years she knew something was wrong with her body. At this point she had no clue what it was though. Only later did she realize that she was a girl on the inside. From this moment on she hated the fact that her body was becoming more and more manly.

The actual transition didn’t start until the age of 25 or so. Before that time Red experimented with her sexual live with both males and females, but neither experiences felt right. Now after her transition she feels at home in her body and everything is peachy. RedVex likes both males and females, and is currently in a steaming relationship with TGirl Nicole Montero. You only have to look at her Twitter to see that she is having all the time in the world.

The future RedVex envisions is being a part time transsexual Porn Star, part time finding doors that open up other sources of income. In this way she is unique and makes all that she creates even more special. The future also will not involve any SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery), RedVex is happy with her body and has no immediate plans to change it.

On the topic of toys RedVex says the following: “I would like to try some enslaving toys some day, it would have to be with someone I could trust, though. If i am alone I sometimes use a dildo.”

Start date: 2014
Alias: Red, Vex
Birthday: July 8
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Heritage: Polish
Hair color: Light blond
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6’2″ (188kg)
Measurements: 36C
Shoe size: 

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