TS Chanel Santini as Wonder WomanI’m a huge nerd when it comes to gaming and comics.  So when I found out that TransAngels has made a XXX parody of Wonder Woman, I absolutely had to sign up and watch the film.  So I’ve decided to do something a little different here.  I’ve decided to go ahead and review the scene!

Normally I’m not really into porn parodies.  Don’t get me wrong, I love cheesy movies (usually bad horror and sci-fi) movies as much as the next nerd, but xxx parodies are usually just too much.  Even for me.  There really isn’t a plot aside from fucking as much as you possibly can while in costume and if there are lines, they’re so full of cheese

Daiya and Stan

that if you’re lactose intolerant it’ll send you running to the toilet.  However, from the opening credits it’s clear that the production value is pretty high for Wonder Woman:

A XXX Trans Parody.

I’ve got to give it to TransAngels for the casting.  Tgirl Chanel Santini scored the role of Daiya, princess of the amazons.  In the opening scene, as Daiya is walking along the beach in her golden

dress and her hair back in a pony tail, she could almost be a Gal Gadot double.  Of course, I’m a little biased and I think Chanel is the sexier of the two!

Then of course we need that lucky WW2 soldier to wash up on the beach of Daiya’s tropical paradise.  That would be Lance Hart playing the role of studly Stan.  Together the two will have to stop Eros from suppressing sex all over the world!  Well, it’s still a parody.  They can’t exactly copy the mainstream version, now can they?!

Acting (8/10)

Pre-Fight BlowjobI’m going to give the acting of the Wonder Woman porn parody an 8 out of 1o.  It doesn’t get 10/10 because while there’s a plot, the lines were still pretty cheesy.

What’s fairly impressive (aside from there actually being a plot)

Daiya: Do the people in your world live with sexual freedom? The allies must if they wish to combat Eros evil forces.

Stan: Are, are you kidding? No the allies aren’t sexually free.

Daiya: Oh my… it’s worse than I thought.  The world is in danger.  If your world is ruled by shame and secrecy then Eros is sure to triumph….

Yea, it’s the cheese of a porn parody but to be honest, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

Film Production (10/10)

Since TransAngels is brought to us by the same company that owns Digital Playground, it’s absolutely no surprise that the production quality is really high.  Aside from the cheesy acting and sex,Lance Hart eating Chanel Santini this film doesn’t have the campy, cheap feel that a lot of porn parodies seem to have.  From the opening credits, which made me want to keep watching, to the sex and even the plot building scenes, I really enjoyed what I was watching.

The sets were actually very well done as well and the CGI wasn’t cheesy.  In fact, the CGI tiger from Zombi Apocalypse 2012 was far, far cheesier (if you like making fun of bad zombie flicks, I suggest you check that one out and hold out to the end.  That CGI tiger is well worth the laugh!).

Also, kudos for building the plot and waiting almost a whole 8 minutes to get to the sex!

Costuming (10/10)

I’m a cosplayer as well as a tgirl lover and pornographer so I’m pretty critical when it comes to costuming.  TransAngels didn’t just “try” to make costumes that kind of sort of matched Wonder Chanel Santini as Wonder WomanWoman.  They came up with cosplay worthy costumes.  Chanel Santini and Lance Hart could easily wear these costumes to Dragon*Con or any other con with a cosplay element and get loads of people wanting to take pictures with them.

Even the extras who were only there for the plot were dressed the part.

Sex Scenes (10/10)

I’m mildly biased in this 10 out of 10 score.  I fucking love Chanel Santini and Lance Hart.  In this flick, they have a great chemistry going and the sex is fucking hot.

We of course have the pre bad guy blow job (Daiya sucking Stan off) and the post fight fucking.  There is passionate making out, ass eating, hand jobs, ass slapping, and of course the action packed pounding.  Daiya gets well fucked and Stan isn’t left out from the ass fucking.Wonder Woman fighting Eros Agents

Together, I think they scored one against Eros and his sexual suppression.

Wonder Woman: A XXX Trans Parody Conclusion

Overall, I have to say that TransAngels did a really super job on this film especially since this was their first parody.  I can honestly say that the nerd in me is hoping that they do more trans porn parodies in the future because this was super fun to watch and it managed to get things going in all the right places.  Hats off to Lance Hart and Chanel Santini as well!