Sexy Tgirl Wendy Summers has invited you over to her house for a pajama party! But wait! It’s not any pajama party! You need to get your unicorn on with Get a Wendy Summers Membershipunicorn pajamas!

That’s right, when you get to Wendy’s house, this cute redhead answers the door wearing her unicorn pajamas.  The pajama tank top covers her pert breasts while the shorts are obviously packing more than just firm thighs! Is that a unicorn horn or is she just happy to see you?

So once you and the other guests are at the pajama party and settled in for the night in your own pajamas, Wendy is all ready to get the party started! While everyone is chatting and having a good time, perhaps drinking beer and wine to loosen up a bit, Wendy is sitting on her red sofa making googely eyes at you.  She flirts, giving you a “come hither” look.

When you finally get your nerves together, you get up and go over to see what she has waiting for you.

She takes her top off and spreads her thighs and you can see her cock hanging down the leg, just begging you to touch it.  She takes off her top revealing her erect nipples and then she reaches down and starts playing with herself, making herself hard.

There’s absolutely no denying that there’s a unicorn at this pajama party… it’s just not the unicorn horn that you were thinking of.  Or was it?

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