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This transsexual porn star Kelly Clare is a bad girl! Starting her career at the age of 22, she sure is a looker. Her versatility will surprise you, as will her hardcore, heart pounding dirty and kinky porn!

Kelly Clare is a bisexual shemale and started her career under the motto “If a biological female can do it, then us TS women should be able to have the same rights”. Her hobbies include: Tattoos, piercings, makeup, fucking hot bottoms, eating pussy, shopping and partying!

Start date: 2012
Birthday: 6 June 1990
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Heritage: American
Hair color: Black/brown
Eye Color: Grey
Tattoos: Star right cheek; Multiple small stars front of right shoulder and entire right arm; Star each elbow; Inside each wrist; Stars left hip; Right buttock; left ankle; right outer ankle; stars running down left ankle and stretching down top of feet; left hand
Piercings: right nostril; tongue; 2 in bottom lip
Height: 5’6
Weight: 120lbs
Shoe size: 


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