Today, tgirl Bailey Jay had a fan spoil her by sending her a gift.  Excited, because what girl doesn’t like to be treated like a princess and spoiled, Bailey ripped the sparkly wrapping paper open to find a single item in the box.

A lacy black teddy.  Giggling, tgirl Bailey Jay knew exactly how she was going to do her hair and what shoes she was going to wear with her new piece of black lingerie!

So into the bathroom she went.  First she washed her long, luxurious mane of hair.  Then she made sure to carefully style it so the soft curls wrap around her shoulders as she moves around her room.  Then she carefully put on her makeup, taking time to make it absolutely perfect so she could make sure to take a bunch of sexy pictures in order to thank her fan for his very thoughtful and generous gift.

Finally, when everything was exactly as tgirl Bailey Jay wanted it, she went into her closet to try to find that incredibly sexy pair of black and white heels that she bought earlier in the year.  After sifting through her horde of shoes, because what girl doesn’t have a closet full of them, she managed to find them! Now it’s time to finish getting dressed!

Slowly, enjoying the feel of the black lace on her skin, Bailey pulled the teddy up her long firm legs, over her well rounded hips and tight ass, up her soft stomach and over her firm and well filled tits.  It fit like a glove, obviously her fan knows her very well!

Now it became time to finish off the outfit by buckling her black and white heels onto her perfect feet.  Now the outfit was complete and she was ready to make some sexy photos as a thank you for the black lace lingerie.

Below you can see some of the sexy lingerie pictures that tgirl Bailey Jay took, and she hopes that they’re well used.  If you know what we mean!

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