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Born in Ontario, Canada, this french Canadian girl is a beauty to behold. She started modeling when she was 18 years old under the name of Kimberly Foxx. Chloe Rose is a beautiful transsexual girl with a sexy slim body, small delicious hormonal tits, a very nice ass and a sexy she-cock!

In the beginning of her career she was a bit shy, but that is all over now! Nothing can stop her from doing what she loves best.

She loves fashion and of course her modelling job. She loves dressing up for the camera. She loves dancing, clubbing, and having fun with her tgirl friends.

Recently she changed her hair color from blonde to brown and we didn’t think it possible, but it made her even more stunning!

Start date: 2011
Alias: Kimberly Foxx
Birthday: 30 July 1993
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Heritage: Canadian
Hair color: Blonde or brown
Eye Color: Brown
Piercings: Middle upper lip
Height: 5’11” (180cm)

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