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Unbeknownst to the sexy southern California girl, her number’s up and the producers of Shemale Porn let Christian know that they had a transgirl that needs to be serviced by his massive cock.

Of course Jenna Blaze had no clue that someone would be knocking on her door, so she started the day by throwing her long blonde hair back into a messy ponytail, putting on a black tank top, black fishnet pantyhose, short jean shorts that show off the edge of her tight ass nicely, and her best black thigh high hooker boots.  Now she’s ready to go out and run some errands!

Just as Jenna grabbed her purse and car keys, her doorbell rang.  “Who the hell is that?” she thought to herself, wracking her brain to try to remember if anyone was supposed to be coming over to her place.  She couldn’t think of anyone, so with purse and keys in hand she answered the door and gasped when she saw who was standing in front of her.

Now, what Jenna hasn’t told anyone is one of her guilty pleasures is watching shemale porn.  There’s just something about it that makes her balls tighten up and her cock get hard.  Her other guilty pleasure is fantasizing about Christian, whom stars in many of the shemale porn scenes she loves watching.  So when she opened the door and saw Christian in the flesh, with his cock already starting to form quite the tent in his pants, her legs went all jelly like.

Without much in the way of formalities to ruin the sexual tension that was now filling the living room, Christian backed Jenna up with his massive bulk and started getting undressed, unleashing his massive throbbing dick.  It was all Jenna could do to stand in front of him, quivering, barely waiting for him to get it out of his pants so she could wrap her lips over his firmness.  Her wildest dreams and guilty pleasures were coming true! The biggest question would be, was she going to get ass drilled by Christian as well?

After a long, leisurely blowjob by her new friend, he gets her undressed and turns her around.  He feels her firm ass and starts getting her all warmed up so that he can stick his cock right up her well lubed asshole and give her some ass drilling that she would never forget.

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